"¿Cómo no me iba a enamorar? Si siempre supo como hacerme reír."

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These continuity Polaroids offer a glimpse into a deleted scene from The Shining.

In the finished film, the scene of Wendy and Danny exploring the hedge maze is intercut with shots of Jack wandering the hotel, bored and suffering from writer’s block. As originally filmed, Jack then wandered to the balcony overlooking the Colorado Lounge, and glanced down to his writing table to see something that hadn’t been there previously — a large scrapbook. Jack’s typewriter, paper, cigarettes, pens, etc. were mysteriously arranged in a quasi-Native American design on the floor leading to the table and the scrapbook.

Jack went to down to investigate and found that the scrapbook was full of newspaper clippings from the Overlook Hotel’s lurid past. He became entranced with it.

The scrapbook figured in several other deleted scenes, and provided the original inspiration for Jack to finally begin writing. Most of the scenes with the scrapbook have been omitted in the final film, though there are still some lingering shots where the scrapbook lies on Jack’s writing table, unexplained.

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Steve Gildea
Planetary Suite, circa 1990

Maisie Williams for YouYou Mentoring [x]


remember when ryan seacrest tried to high five a blind guy


"People empty me. I have to get away to refill."


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It’s good to be all back together again.